What happened wasn’t great, but the lemonade from it ain’t bad

Yes, it sucks that we were hit, and that I’m permanently disabled, but the fact that I’m visibly disabled is a huge plus.

I was going to Wal-Mart from Staples, and had to cross a road.  There wasn’t a stop sign, or any cross walk, and I had to simply cross.  The cars were steady.  When there was a break from the left, I crossed half-way.  I was in the middle, with a lot of cars coming from the right.  The first car stopped, and the driver waved me over.  There were about 10 cars in line, the drivers of the first three after him waved, and the only reason that I didn’t see the others was that I couldn’t see that far.

Looking at the bright side, while getting run over was like being handed lemons, the lemonade that’s able to be made from them is pretty awesome.

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