Ok, I’m a geek, but it’s made life much easier

Yup, I’m kind of a geek, but with the challenges that I’d had to face, that I’m that is awesome.   And, I’ve shared what I’ve self-taught, and the responses have been grateful!  For example, take my calendar.    Let’s say that you need to schedule a weekly meeting, at 10AM, on Wednesdays, at 123 Somewhere St.   Normally, you’d find the day, create the meeting, set where it will be, and manually enter that it’s a repeating one weekly.  However, I figured that there’s a better way.  I found “Fantastical“.   All that you’d need do is to create an event, type “Meeting at 10 on every Wednesday at 123 Somewhere every week for 10 weeks”, and it’s done.

I think that it’s Mac-only, sorry, but c’mon, isn’t that the way for pretty much anything/everything that’s awesome like that?

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